Basmah Healthcare

We are extremely cautious about protecting the long-term interests of our customers, community, and environment. We stand beside people whenever there is any suffering and natural disaster. We donated medicines for the displaced Rohingyas who entered Bangladesh due to severe violence in Rakhine State recently. We also provided aid/medicines during the recent flood which inundated the major part of Bangladesh. Every winter, we provide blankets and clothes to the destitute people in different parts of Bangladesh.

Our CEO, Meer Sakhawat Hossain is a renowned philanthropist, he relentlessly contributes to the well-being of the people of the urban area. He founded schools, Water Project, technical education institutes, orphan centers, emergency response, a learning center to enlighten people both in modern education and religious education. For children, he established the international standard amusement and education Institute where children learn computers, history, ethics, the right attitude, etc. We always stand beside our employees and their family in case of sickness and if there is an urgent financial need in difficult situations our Basmah foundation full financial support in case of hospitalization from the company. Healthcare bears the educational expenses of two children of every employee.